Petition to end current on pipes in North America

The ongoing problem of dangerous unbalanced electrical current on water supply pipes - the copper pipes bringing water into homes and other buildings from the city water department - needs to once and for all be resolved. Keep It On Wires!!! Electricity belongs on insulated electric cables only - not on pipes and other things! has been working with electricians to change this, but the code itself needs to change. The plumbing code also needs to be changed. The problem of electromagnetic fields from water pipes being illegally used as conductors in electrical circuits is affecting countless people in North America. It is a sloppy, antiquated practice to turn a water pipe into an electric cable.

We are petitioning the professional organizations to have codes changed and end this horrendous practice once and for all. Please share this link with everyone:

FACT: Copper water supply pipes to buildings are being used as current-carrying circuit conductors for high-voltage AC electrical current across North America. This is a violation of codes, an outdated practice, and causes safety and health hazards through risk of electrocution and exposure to high electromagnetic fields, a World Health Organization (IARC) Group 2B Cancer Agent.

FACT: Electrical circuit current belongs on electrical cables only, not water pipes or cable TV lines, the earth, or other conductive objects.

This practice has been documented in photo and video evidence ( It can be easily measured using a clamp-on ammeter (clamp meter, best in milliamps or smaller units).

Electrical and plumbing codes must be updated now to stop this documented, proven, dangerous practice of using pipes as conductors. Incoming water pipes should be nonconductive polyethylene or if copper must be electrically isolated outside or immediately upon entering the building. The uninsulated copper of the entering pipe should be insulated with protective wrap prior to conversion to PEX/CPVC or prior to the non-conductive plastic water meter.

Buildings must rely on ground rods or ufer grounding for grounding electrode requirements. Bonding to internal copper pipes for safety should be required, but the electrical insulation of PEX/CPVP or the water meter (no jumper wires - these must be removed) must be in place. There must be electrical isolation between the internal building network and the utility. Building grounding should be in place with ground rods/ufer, and plumbers must take precautions to avoid completing a circuit with their body.

Electricians should verify solid connection of the grounded conductor (neutral) to the building. Utilities should verify solid connections on all of their neutrals as well.

The National Electric Code (NEC) and various national/international plumbing codes must be updated together now. Consumers will not tolerate their water pipes being used as conductors. The proof has been published, now the solution must be adopted.

Why is this important?

Countless people in North America can be protected from risk of electrocution and exposure to electromagnetic fields, a World Health Organization Group 2B Cancer Agent. The exposure to these hazards is easily prevented with today's technology of non-conductive water pipes. This problem is affecting 10s of millions or 100s of millions. Some small changes to the national electric code and plumbing codes will prevent countless deaths and likely illnesses including cancer.


How to solve in your own house/business.