Electricity belongs on electric wires, not on water pipes, the earth, and cable TV lines

The electricity we use is supposed to be transmitted on wires.  Most people would believe that this is where all of the electricity travels.  According to EPRI and IEEE - two very large organizations who govern and oversee electricity and electronics - most of the current that we use at some point travels on the earth and other materials!

In North America, our system is grounded everywhere.  One of the cables used to transmit electricity - the grounded conductor (commonly called the neutral) is connected to the other in countless places.  These connections to earth and to water pipe grids create alternate paths for current to travel.  Current always takes all paths available and spreads amongst the paths.

This subjects humans and animals to magnetic fields and contact current.  Magnetic fields, also called electromagnetic fields or EMF, increase as current isn't kept neatly and balanced on two conductors that are close together (positive and negative).  If positive is a wire, and negative is the wire next to it, but negative is also connected to water pipes and the earth and cable TV lines...current takes all paths and creates more magnetic fields.  What is also bad and sometimes even worse for health, this current on the surface of the earth affects animals like dairy cows and humans too!  It causes cancer and many health problems.

This website is dedicated to changing the National Electric Code (NEC) and the dangerous practice of putting current on pipes, the earth, and cables that aren't designed or intended for our electricity usage to travel on.  By clarifying the NEC and resolving these problems nationwide, hundreds of millions in North America and also abroad will benefit from the reduction in exposure.  Humanity can learn more about magnetic fields, ground current, wiring errors, electrical pollution, and much more.

This article was updated on May 24, 2022