Act Now to Help

Updated 6/12/22 - Currently in Phase 1: Pipes

Thank you for helping - only with the help of people just like you we will succeed in fixing this most serious problem!  Here are the current things we really need help with:

1) Share this website and the videos - share them all over social media, via email, everywhere you can :)

2) Please Like and Comment on the videos.  Subscribe on our YouTube.  Some of our videos have been attacked by industry with dislikes - so all the videos need likes.  Commenting and subscribing helps promote the videos too, and helps you see new videos as we post them

3) We are looking for videos and pictures of electrical current on pipes.  We are also looking for video testimonial from people who have been affected by this problem.  Did this problem contribute to ill health for you?  Were you better after it was fixed?  We really need to hear from you.

4) Sign this petition please: 

5) Donate what you can now to help us get this changed faster - this could save many lives.

Thank you so much!!!  It is generous people like you who care and will give a little time and what they can that will make this a reality.  There are environmentally-ill children, adults, and even animals due to this problem.  This can be fixed.